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Continuum of Consciousness

Continuum of Consciousness references the stream of mind or consciousness, and hereby the continuity of individual and collective energy over space and time. It may appear as incomprehensible to us that existence with all information contained herein may indeed be infinite, even when considering that energy does indeed remain constant.

With the stream of consciousness being said to carry information and awareness of all experience independent of time, it can be seen as an indefinite pool of historical, personal and sociological sensations and their resulting knowledge and awareness. Inspired by this concept as found in various spiritual teachings, particularly in schools of Hinduism and Buddhism, the installation explores the experience of sentient awareness of continuous reality beyond faith or system of belief. It aims to embody an intimate experience of self beyond its seemingly ephemeral nature, embedding notions of universality, awareness and ultimate progress and continuous growth. The created space can be perceived as a continuum, allowing for both focus and contemplation of its personal experience, without sensory starting- or endpoints. Notably, the very nature of a continuum lies beyond intellectual analysis.

~ 400x10x10cm
Glass, LED lights, sound, scented seeds

Sound: Bani Haykal