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Duality Series

Duality is a concept we experience in all different aspects of life, but how aware are we of it resulting in a holistic appearance, duality being holism?
The Duality series is dealing with the notion of the impermanence of one own's perception.

One is opposite to the other, yet through what they are opposites of, they are infinitely united. Only through the definition of one we have a perception and an understanding of the other. Whilst one hopes there be a way to see the world without existing opposites, all just being a varying degree of the same manifestation, it appears to be impossible to conceive both at the same time, yet together they are the basis of all creation and existence and are finally inseparable - one.

All is energy and energy is omnipotent and permanent.
In my current work I am using the symbol of duality to represent the absoluteness of holism: one being the same as the other, only different and the two being absolutely reliant on each other although they will never be perceived at the same time or in the same way.